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Behind the Brand

Welcome to beandog goods, we are so happy you’re here!


I fell in love with the creativity of candle making in 2021– fan-girl obsessing over candle scents and different types of wicks. Candle making and sewing was the perfect hobby for stress release from my day-job. Over time, my skills and knowledge for candle making grew, and I started sharing my crafts with friends and family. I absolutely love watching everyone’s faces light up when they smell my hand-made candles. 


In 2022, I decided it was time to turn my hobby into a business and share my candles with a wider audience. Excitement bloomed as beandog goods was born. Candle-making and sewing gives me the flexibility and time to be with my rescue pup – the true inspiration of the company – Luka! I love using different collar bandanas to celebrate events or just spice up the day a bit. Through all my online shopping (which is a lot, trust me) I found most of the options dated and cliché patterns I wouldn’t wear myself. So I decided to make Luka some bandanas fashionably fit for a queen – and it makes me so happy to share them with you all. 


As for the company name, it's a spin off of Luka’s name. Luka, Lulu, Lulu Bean, Bean dog, and thus beandog goods was born.


If you’d like to read Lukas’ looong journey just keep on scrolling.


It all started…


March 10th, 2019, when my life changed dramatically in ways I truly never imagined. I got a call to meet a 2-year-old rescue pup who was found in Texas with a litter of puppies. At the time she was 20 pounds underweight and heartworm positive, but it was clear she had the sweetest soul. According to her foster parents it was obvious that SHE chose US immediately and we were lucky enough to take our Luka home that night!


After the first few vet visits, we realized we were in for a really challenging year, mentally and emotionally. Luka had stage 3 heartworms, an infection that wouldn’t quit, and she still needed to be spayed–a step that would have to wait until she was heartworm negative. (For those that don’t know, heartworm treatment is excruciatingly painful for all involved. It’s a full year of painful treatments including steroids, injections, and sedatives just to name a few.) Luka was not able to run, jump, play, or even walk for too long without life threatening complications in her first year with us.


When the time came for her to get spayed, we felt like we had been through the ringer together already, but we were excited to get this final procedure done and looked forward to Luka living free from health issues! Unfortunately, the spay did not go as planned and immediately resulted in multiple complications. Ultimately, we ended up at the vet daily for two weeks, antibiotics for the infection brewing, and more sedatives. 


Flash forward to March of 2020–Luka is (finally) healthy, happy, and ready to mingle! My husband and I hosted her a huge birthday bash with games, cake, and our closest friends. As we all know now, within a matter of days the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 


Today, Luka is the healthy queen of the castle, with her two human servants proudly by her side. We feel so lucky that we had the means and ability to give Luka all the care, love, and attention she needed to thrive in this world.


Luka is the heart and soul behind beanddog goods, which is why every purchase helps a rescue pup in need.

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